The way our program works...

1. Student comes by The UPS Store

2. Student chooses their box size

3. Student pays for their storage and receives their chosen box

4. Student fills the box in their room

5. Student drops off box to The UPS Store for the summer

The UPS Store locations at both Arizona State University and  University of Colorado Boulder  offer a summer storage program for all returning students both on and off-campus. This program offers a variety of sizes and options for your selection.


It's simple! We provide the box - you fill it up and return it to one of our conveniently located stores on-campus. We seal it, store it for the summer off-site in a climate controlled*, secured warehouse and have it awaiting your return in the fall for pick-up**.


*Climate controlled area available upon request.

**Items weighing over the allowable weight will be assessed and additional fee of $10.00/box. The maximum weight is 99lbs/box.

Check out the Storage Items page to see all the options we provide! 



Why choose The UPS Store?

ASU Contact

Tel: 480-894-8838 X104


CU Boulder Contact

Tel: 303-442-2601 X101


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