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RESERVATIONS for CU Boulder Students

Storage Registration CU Boulder

The way our program works...

1. Student purchases box of their choice

2. Student fills the box in their room

3. Student brings box to The UPS Store

4. Complete paperwork

5. DONE! Enjoy your summer.

It's simple! Grab a box - you fill it up and return it to one of our conveniently located stores on-campus. We seal it, store it for the summer off-site in a climate controlled, secured warehouse and have it awaiting your return in the fall for pick-up**.

**Items weighing over the allowable weight will be assessed and additional fee of $15.00/box. The maximum weight is 80lbs/box.

We have storage space available during semesters or breaks-inquire directly via email.

Please visit The UPS Store directly for storage options.

*CU Boulder Storage Customers: We will reach out to you in late July regarding how you would like to retrieve your storage items. We do require 48 hour notice to retrieve boxes. Please email us if anything comes up at*


The UPS Store does not charge any registration fees. We will use your pre-payment towards your storage purchase at The UPS Store and the pre-payment will reserve your space.


CU: $45 pays for storage of our smallest size 18x18x18 box. If you would prefer to use a larger box, the $45 will be deducted from the price of one of our larger size boxes. 


The box sizes listed on the card are just a fraction of the various box/container sizes we allow in our storage program.

*We store a variety of specialty items and cater to all unique situations. Just Ask!   





The UPS Store can store almost anything!

Below are some of the items we commonly receive.

Various box storing options
Outdoor Gear
Clothes, Accessories, Shoes
Camping Supplies
Helmet, Biking Accessories
Winter Layers
Larger TV's
Art, Paintings
Sporting Goods
Golf Clubs
Various box storing options
Snowboards, Ski's
Small TV's
Lava Lamp
Plastic drawers
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